Our Story

Providing agile, end-to-end loyalty marketing solutions to you for over 25 years.

Our history in brief

We are not your average company so we wanted to share our story as a timeline. Learn about how we started & how we got to where we are today.

Pre 1996

We started life as Target Promotions

A leader in sales and promotions in the FMCG space. You may remember Mobil petrol stations’ scratch and win promotions – that was us.


Incentive Solutions was created

As one of the oldest loyalty marketing agency in Australia.

Our clients had heard about this thing called loyalty marketing (it came out of Canada) and they literally asked us to create programmes for them.

So, we launched Harvest Rewards, a B2B incentives programme for dairies across Australia, to support clients like Mainland, Cadbury, Eta and Fairfax.

1996 was a big year for us.

Harrah’s, which you may know as SkyCity, asked us to set up its casino points customer loyalty programme – which we loved doing.


We took over the delivery of Telecom School Connection
This was Telecom’s programme to reward schools by incentivising its customers. It included 550,000 households across Australia.

By far one of the biggest programmes of its day.

We opened our Australian office to support 3M & ANZ
Growth was happening quickly, we had a growing reputation that extended to Australia.

It was the obvious next step for us.


Priority Partnership was taken to the cloud

Facebook was just launching, the iPhone had just come out, and we launched one of the first cloud-based loyalty management platforms in Australia.

This was game changing. It was one of the oldest loyalty programmes in the world and we took it to the cloud – it was the innovative thinking which we still pride ourselves with today.


Reward Paths

We opened our US company to manage the growing demand. Our US arm is still growing as we write this, many years on.

Our inspiration to take on the US was our good friend Yogi Bear whose loyalty programme we still manage to this day. It has over 200,000 Americans in it.


Grace Kennedy Rewards

Many may not have heard of this, but it was a special milestone for us.

It’s a significant Jamaican consumer loyalty programme. We took this off a major international supplier who couldn’t fulfil the brief.

We took on the challenge, succeeded, and ran it for five years, until they decided to bring the programme in-house.


Acquired Premium Group & PIC Travel

We knew acquisition was the best way to grow, it also allowed us to bring our innovative thinking and our strong systems to more clients.

Not only did we grow, but we gained in-house travel and conference capabilities which was a huge plus for our existing client base.


We acquired a major competitor

Driving Force Incentives (DFI) was another leader in our industry, which brought clients into the fold.

We’ve always had a drive to keep growing and serve more people.


We purchased & moved into our current office space

This is based in Wairau Valley on the North Shore and is potentially the most creative office in Australia.

The fit-out must be seen to believed. Ask the team for a tour, you will not regret it.

2021 & Beyond

Covid has had its challenges but we’re stronger because of it

The epidemic has made our clients focus on their current customers more than ever. Our job is to build and sustain customer loyalty. Through Covid, these customers have become more valuable than ever.

We have loved supporting our clients, support their customers.

We’ve had some great recent wins, including Mastercard, Spark, Kings Plant Barn, Bapcor, Steel & Tube, Placemakers, etc…

Thanks to the clients that have been with us along the journey and the new ones to come. You keep driving us to do better.