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End to end solutions for sustained behavioural change and business performance improvement.


Custom development and leading edge features puts you at the forefront of business and programme performance. Here are a just a few:

Global Rewards

Incentive Solutions delivers the widest variety of rewards to members across the globe every day. Offering thousands of rewards options, whether it’s the latest tech, aspirational big ticket items or a wold of travel. We know you’ll find plenty to excite and motivate your members.

Wish List

Allowing members to set their personal ‘wish list’ of rewards goals keeps them focused and engaged. It also provides valuable information about what’s motivating of your people.

Personal Choice

If members can’t find what they need amongst the thousands of rewards we have available then let them choose their own reward and we’ll source it for them.

Target Tracker and Leader boards

Set and display sales, behavioural or activity targets for your programme members. Keep them up to date and allow them to visually track their own progress and improve their performance. Create healthy competition through shared leaderboards and reward success.

Instant Recognition Cards

Deliver ‘on the spot’ recognition to customers, employees or partners with simple, tactical cards which equate to a tangible points value, deliver instant recognition and have many uses.

Point Bank

Hold points in the ‘point bank’ visible to members but not released until they complete what’s required of them. This could be paying a bill on time or delivering on a key behaviour that you need to focus on.


Gamify your programme experience to maximise engagement, keeping things fresh and fun. Game play, can be a tactical tool or fundamental element that differentiates your programme.


Engage and excite members with in-programme actions, gaining and bidding ‘auction bucks’ to win this weeks or months auction prizes. Develop them around driving key behaviours or simply add a new element to your current activity.

Real Time, Full Visibility Reporting

Receive full data visibility though detailed programme performance, member and business activity reporting. It’s all available in real time, any time you need your data to make better business decisions.

Margin and Performance Metrics Manager

Track the primary metrics that are crucial to your business success. Report on sales margins, customer data or SKU level activity and keep better informed. Set multi-tier programme rules and measure performance where it counts.

Communications Suite and News Feeds

Strong communications are fundamental to member engagement and success for any programme. Our communications Paths Suite ensures your people are fully informed and communications make the right impact.


Run surveys to gather the information you need to make business decisions or simply gain market feedback. Incentivise completion to drive up participation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Through IC we can deliver a sophisticated CRM tool to capture and serve up the information that your teams need out in the field, across the trade counter or for head office strategy development.