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Choice is paramount. In order to maximise engagement, excitement and motivation people want the widest selection of high quality rewards possible. We don’t warehouse a limited selection of rewards or focus on end of life, high return products. Instead we work with the best local suppliers, offering the largest selections, latest products and services. Then deliver within days of ordering, for the highest customer impact and gratification.

Your programme must consistently deliver perceived value to members, with quick rewards turn around.

Our programme members are offered thousands of amazing rewards from electronic goods, entertainment and homewares, to events tickets, customised or general travel to personal choice items which we’ll source directly for members.

The rewards options are endless, though it’s our members services that will really set your programme apart.



With programmes across Australia, New Zealand, United States and Jamaica, Incentive Solutions provides rewards catalogue management and fulfilments services to some of the largest global loyalty providers. Servicing some of the worlds most trusted and respected big brand programmes, (B2B, B2C and B2E). We are trusted by worldwide brand leaders because we are the most experienced and consistently deliver above expectations.

Incentive Solutions understand the logistical challenges of managing in house reward programmes and specialise in alleviating the costs and headaches they regularly create. Providing complete rewards sourcing and fulfilment, from product advice and cataloguing to order processing, supplier management, dispatch, delivery tracking and personalised Members Services.

Without correct management in-house reward programmes can turn into a costly logistical nightmare. Save time, effort and energy by plugging into one of our proven programme frameworks. Or take up our extensive range of rewards and fulfilment services if you choose to run your own inhouse programme.