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Travel has always been an important element for recognising and motivating customers, employees and partners. Done well, effective incentives travel continues to deliver long after the event; higher productivity, sales, customer satisfaction, loyalty and relationship development.

Whether it’s a targeted incentive travel programme to a luxury destination, offering full in-house travel agency services to programme members, or an international group conference. Travel is a uniquely personal offering and shouldn’t been taken lightly.


Travel Incentive Programmes

For over 20 years Incentive Solutions subsidiary PIC Travel have been designing and delivering powerful travel incentive programmes. They enhance our customers reputations, deliver optimum results and keep people striving to achieve. Travel really is an art, let us show you some of our customers success stories and take care of managing your customer, employee or business partners. We have the experience to make sure your travel experience surpasses expectations and achieves your unique vision.

Members Travel Services

A full travel agency service is more than a way to reward customers, employees and partners. It can differentiate your programme and add greater value to your customer relationships. Why not allow your programme members to use their rewards value to book travel through a personalised travel service delivered within your own programme and brand experience. Rather than sending them off down the road with a travel voucher in hand.

Conference and Group Travel

As professional conference planners, we know it’s not just about a good time; although we’ll make sure your people have that. It’s about boosting your market standing and brand positioning. It’s about ensuring return on your investment. It’s about setting strong foundations for future growth. Smarter event planning and event management starts with Incentive Solutions.